The Bundles provide 2 sorts of analyzers to choose from. you can choose between them by overriding the analysisfactory parameter in the services.

Language Analyzer

The default analyzer is a language intelligent analyzer who only analyzes real words and conjugations. This is a great default and for normal search forms this will be the perfect fit.

Default configuration:

    kunstmaan_search.search.factory.analysis.class: Kunstmaan\SearchBundle\Search\LanguageAnalysisFactory

NGram Analyzer

The second analyzer the bundles provides is an nGram based analyzer. This analyzer is not language intelligent but splits everything in little chunks of words to be searched on. This can be very helpful for a google-like search implementation but is slower and more cpu intensive than word based search.

nGram configuration

    kunstmaan_search.search.factory.analysis.class: Kunstmaan\SearchBundle\Search\NGramAnalysisFactory

Custom analyzers

You can easily provide your own analysisfactory with a custom analyzer specific for your needs. Create a class that implements the AnalysisFactoryInterface and then override the analysisfactory parameter with your own class name.

custom configuration

    kunstmaan_search.search.factory.analysis.class: Demo\AppBundle\Search\CustomAnalysisFactory