Community Bundles

The community has created a number of bundles that extend the functionality of the Kunstmaan CMS, but aren’t a part of the core. You can install them separately from those locations:


Name Description
KunstmaanExtraBundle Miscellaneous helpers aiming to reduce the boilerplate in day-to-day work
PageMediaSetBundle Easily add images (header image, thumbnail, etc) to any page without a hassle
PageActionsBundle Allows registering sub-actions to any page type, handled by your custom controller. For example adding a „Thank You” type of page to a contact form
KunstmaanAlgoliaBundle Add Algolia indexer alongside the default Elasticsearch
KunstmaanFeedBundle Quickly fetch published pages from elasticsearch instead of the database (for instance for most popular articles lists, etc)
RemoteMediaBundle Store your media files in an S3 bucket and fetch them using a CDN url (optionally)
WebtownKunstmaanExtensionBundle Various Kunstmaan CMS features
KunstmaanNodeSettingsBundle Easily add custom settings to any node or page type using separate CMS tabs
KunstmaanContentApiBundle Allow your content to be served via an API
KunstmaanConfigBundle Provide streamlined configuration for a Kunstmaan CMS application
KunstmaanDistributedBundle Configures a Kunstmaan CMS instance for running on distributed, clustered infrastructure
KunstmaanGermanBackendBundle German translations for the admin area
KunstmaanSocialMediaBundle The KunstmaanSocialMediaBundle makes working with social media feeds (currently Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and Vimeo) and the KunstmaanBundles CMS easier
KunstmaanStockistsFinderBundle The KunstmaanStockistsFinderBundle is for adding a postcode search, with a list of stockists and their pins on a map


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