After installing this bundle, you can go to the '/en/sitemap' url on your website, a sitemap XML based on the Sitemap protocol will be generated.

You can hide pages from the sitemap by implementing the HiddenFromSitemap interface, this interface will allow you the hide the page and/or its children from the sitemap.


Once the bundle is installed, you will be able to view the generated sitemap XML on the '/en/sitemap.xml' route.


The bundle also has a SitemapPage which can be added to your website, simply add the SitemapPage as a possible child to one of your pages :

    public function getPossibleChildTypes()
        return array(
                'name' => 'Sitemap Page',
                'class'=> "Kunstmaan\SitemapBundle\Entity\SitemapPage"

And override its template by copying the view.html.twig of the SitemapPage to the the following location 'app/Resources/KunstmaanSitemapBundle/views/SitemapPage'.

{% extends 'YourWebsiteBundle:Page:layout.html.twig' %}

{% block content %}
    <ul class="sitemap">
        {% if nodemenu is defined %}
            {% for topNode in nodemenu.getTopNodes() %}
                {% for node in topNode.getChildren() %}
                    {{ include('KunstmaanSitemapBundle:SitemapPage:entry.html.twig', {'entry' : node})  }}
                {% endfor %}
            {% endfor %}
        {% endif %}
{% endblock %}

Twig extension

This bundle also supplies two new twig extensions, both methods accept a NodeMenuItem as parameter and will return a boolean.