Enabling google authentication login

Enabling google authentication will give your users the chance to authenticate themselves within the CMS using their gmail accounts. Their access level will be determined based on the domain of their gmail account and your configuration.

1) Add the necessary settings to your app/config/config.yml

You will need to have a google application with the necessary credentials. You can configure as many hosted domains as you would like. For each domain name you can specify an array of access levels, these will be granted to the user upon first login.

        ¦   enabled: true
        ¦   client_id:  some_client_id.apps.googleusercontent
        ¦   client_secret: some_secret
        ¦   hosted_domains:
        ¦   ¦   - { domain_name: kunstmaan.be, access_levels: ['Super administrators'] }
                - { domain_name: mydomain.example, access_levels: ['Guests'] }

2) Configure the guard component in your app/config/security.yml

            pattern: .*
                    - kunstmaan_admin.oauth_authenticator
                login_path: kunstmaan_admin_login
                check_path: kunstmaan_admin_login
                provider: cms_users

And that's it! An extra button should now have appeared on your login screen. If you have properly configured your hosted domains you should be able to login using your gmail account.