Preparing a new release

Before tagging

Install github-flow-changelog

git clone
cd github-flow-changelog
composer install

Generate a GitHub API token here

Update the changelog by running:

./gfc changelog <token here> Kunstmaan KunstmaanBundlesCMS > ~/Development/KunstmaanBundlesCMS/

Check if all pull requests are correctly named and attached to a milestone, fix, and rerun the command. Repeat!

Make sure there is ample upgrade documentation available before tagging a new major release.

After tagging

Backward compatible branches

If you tag a new minor version (3.1, 3.2) open a new branch named the same from the previous tagged version in that branch so we can backport fixes.


Increase the dev-master branch alias to the next release. Do the same in all bundles.

    "extra": {
    "branch-alias": {
        "dev-master": "3.2-dev"