Getting started

Read and learn from the documentation

The Kunstmaan CMS is built on top of the Symfony framework and wants to be as close to the philosophy and way of working of Symfony itself. This means that knowledge of Symfony is a prerequisite for a succesful deployment, the official guides from Symfony should be a good starting place.

We can also recommend investing some time in reading these books:

Documentation specific to the KunstmaanBundlesCMS can be found on:


We follow most of the procedures for contributions from the Symfony and Sylius project, as such much of this info will look familiar as it embodies current best practices.


For questions you can always ask your question via a Github Issue (following the same guidelines as bug reporting) or shoot us an email at bundles AT

Installation Guide

Installing the KunstmaanBundlesCMS is a short process that is almost fully automated by composer and generators. Check out the in depth guide in the next chapter.